Becoming a Dogg Walker

Create an account

Create an account and select the walker option under account type (you can only change your account type by contacting support).

On-boarding questionaire

We'll ask you questions on your experience with dogs. We'll also ask questions to see if you've read our FAQs (at help.dogg.app).

Background check

Bring your own background check from the past 12 months or get a new one with our partner NationalCrimeCheck!

Stripe account

We use Stripe to process payouts lightning fast! Create a Stripe account with us and enjoy peace of mind.


Every application step broken down

Applying is a walk in the park

Creating an account
Complete the on-boarding questionnaire
Complete/Submit a background check
Create your Stripe payout account
Set your work schedule & go!
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Create your account

We'll ask some basic personal details (name, age, address etc), it's important to select walker account under the profile type tab to complete the on-boarding steps.

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Complete the on-boarding questionnaire

The Dogg questionnaire is 30 questions designed to help us better understand you and your experience with dogs. We'll also check if you're familiar with our company values.

Assessable content includes:
- Dog Behaviour
- Dog Walking Techniques
- Dog Handling
- Dogg Values
- General Knowledge

Once you've completed the questionnaire, we will review the answers within 24 hours (usually 3-4 hrs) and get back to you about proceeding.

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Complete/Submit a background check

Dogg walkers must pass a standard police background check before being allowed to provide their services in the app. We do this to create a safe, transparent and trusting ecosystem of dog walkers, and dog owners.

If you've obtained a check previously in the past 12 months from another platform, we'll also accept that. Simply email it as an attachment to [email protected]

Visit Dogg.NationalCrimeCheck.com.au
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Create a Stripe payout account

We use Stripe to process fast payouts and secure payments on the platform. You'll need to create/add a connected account within the Dogg app. Don't worry, it's completely free!

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Enter your schedule and start walking!

Choose the hours you want to walk and start receiving offers! You can change your work hours at any time through the settings menu in the app.


We've partnered with National Crime Check.

Fast turnaround (24-48 hrs)

Affordable (approx $40 AUD)

Industry leader
(working with Uber & Doordash)

Find out more

with Dogg you can...

Work when you want
Upskill (coming soon)
Build your own business
Participate in community events
Set your own prices
Accept card payments
Enjoy 24/7 Support
Find new clients quickly
Work with dogs!


Check out the Help Center!

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